PRG Finned Disc Pads - AVID ELIXIR/DB

Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc Brake

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Re-useable alloy finned backing plates designed for maximum heat dissipation.
Reduces pad brake surface temperature by up to 55 degrees, delivering high power, consistent brake performance and modulation without loss of performance through the brakes fading due to overheating.
Unlike existing pad designs with intehrated fins, PRG disc brake pad inserts are replaceable. So just change pads like normal and keep the fins attached.

●Dissipates heat faster than standard pads to eliminate brake fade

●Eliminates brake boil on long descents

●Reduced pad and rotor wear over standard pads

●Compatible with: AVID ELIXIR/DB


●Material: Organic / Sintered(PBC-04S)

●Color: Black / Grey

●Package:1PR/PRG Zipper Bag

●Made In Taiwan