Thru Axle

For road and mountain bike

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●360º Lever Adjustment

●High stiffness and durability

●Safety Feature

●For road and mountain bike

●Package:1 pcs / Tie Card 

Option System Material Hub Size Length Thread Length Thread Pitch
1 Shimano Road AL6061 12x100mm 121.5mm 13.5mm M12xP1.5
2 Sram Road AL6061 12x100mm 125mm 16mm M12xP1.5
3 Sram Road AL6061 15x100mm 125mm 16mm M15xP1.5
4 Shimano MTB AL6061 12x142mm 163.5mm 13.5mm M12xP1.5
5 Shimano MTB AL6061 12x142mm 165mm 18mm M12xP1.5
6 Sram MTB AL6061 12x142mm 167mm 20mm M12xP1.75
7 Shimano MTB AL6061 12x142mm 170mm 18mm M12xP1.5
8 Shimano MTB AL6061 12x142mm 172mm 18mm M12xP1.5
9 Sram MTB AL6061 12x142mm 174mm 20mm M12xP1.75
10 Shimano MTB AL6061 12x148mm 178mm 18mm M12xP1.5
11 Sram MTB AL6061 12x148mm 180mm 20mm M12xP1.75