PRG Basic Bar Tape with Crystal End Cap

The Bar Tape from PRG features a soft grip shock absorbing strip. Contains a 2mm thick profile and gel composition for increased cushioning and comfort on enduro road riding.

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The PRG Bar Tape comes with everything you need to keep you feeling fresh and provide extra road vibration protection on flats and drops. The gel composition helps absorb shock transmitted from uneven surfaces and distributes pressure more evenly across your hands. The set includes two 200cm rolls to accommodate longer rods, 2 strips to create an even contour under the hood and two custom made PRG crystal end plugs. Available in six colors to match any kit theme.


Bar Tape
●Material: EVA  
●Smooth Pattern
●Size: 3mm thickness, 2000mm length
●Color Options: Black/Red/Blue/Green/Orange/yellow
●w/ finishing tape and 2 pcs PRG crystal end plugs 
●Package: 1PR/ PRG color box