Company Profile

PRGcycle About us : PRGcycle began in 2013, as assistance some companies were purchasing and OEM / ODM. In 2014, PRGcycle began to develop disc rotors and brake and peripheral accessories for newly developed mountain bikes. Gradually develop PRGcycle branding and channels

PRGycle now sells almost every parts and components , including Handlebars, Bartapes, Seatpost, Stem , Clamps ,Disc Rotor , Brake pads , Disc Brake Pads and accessories.

PRGcycle exports about 99% of the output to more than 10 countries. They trade with retailers in the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Austria, Denmark, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, and then have excellent international reputation for quality and reliability in many other countries The Often, enthusiasts want to upgrade their bicycles to the highest level and are offered by professional retailers.

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